November 2, 1985, Theater, Miss Porters School
  Liszt Les Preludes
  Franck Symphonic Variations - with Charles Hansen
  Dukas Fanfare: La Peri
  Ravel Piano Concerto in G - with Miranda Wu
December 7, 1985, First Church of Christ Congregational, Farmington
  Gabrieli Three Canzons for Brass
  Strauss Serenade Op. 7
  Bach Concerto in A for oboe d'amore - Robert Howe
  Donizetti Concertino for english horn - with Robert Howe
  Mozart Symphony No. 25
February 22, 1986, Theater, Miss Porter's School
  Ravel Pavane
  Prokofiev Lieutenant Kije Suite
  Dvorak Cello Concerto - with Harry Clark
May 17, 1986, Theater, Miss Porter's School
  Jarnefelt Praeludium
  Sibelius Violin Concerto - with Anhared Stowe
  Brahms Symphony No. 3
June 8, 1986, First Church of Christ Congretational
  Sarasate Zigunerweisen - with Julia Hayes
  Schumann Piano Concerto - With Betty Grey
  Mozart Coronation Mass
July 11, 1986, Amphitheater, Miss Porter's School
  Schubert Octet, First Movement
  Marcello Oboe Concerto - with Ilie Vestemean
  Lassus Echo Song
  Stravinsky Ebony Concerto
  Handel Royal Fireworks Music
  Beethoven Wellington's Victory