I am thrilled that Elisabeth Williams is our first recipient of FVSO’s Janet Fantozzi Memorial Scholarship. Her dedication to her musical studies, knowing the joy it brings others, and her work in her community to help others reflects Janet’s life long passion and devotion to her students and community. I wish Elisabeth all the best in her collegiate career.

– Jonathan

Elisabeth is a Senior at Farmington High School. Elisabeth came to music at a young age, plunking out melodies on the piano at age 1. She started on violin in 2nd grade with Janet Fantozzi with whom she developed a strong relationship over many years. She will attend Brigham Young University in Provo where her aspirations are to major in commercial music and composing.  Elisabeth is a two-time All National Choir attendee, as well as performances in several State and Regional ensembles. She plays piano, violin, viola and has performed on cello.  Elisabeth participated in the Young Composer’s Project at the Hartt School of Music and takes voice lessons from Sarah Asmar and piano from Zhong Chen.  She plays in the high school Symphony Strings, Chamber Orchestra, and has played with the Farmington Valley Symphony Orchestra. She is also a member of the high school Chamber Choir and Madrigal Singers. Elisabeth loves music theory and exploring the building blocks of musical compositions. She collects instruments, with a kalimba, otamatone, and didgeridoo currently secured.



The Janet Fantozzi Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to a Farmington High School Senior who plans to pursue music as a major in college, with preference given to music education.  The scholarship was established in 2020, to commemorate and honor the impact Janet had as a musician in the FVSO, on individual members and on the local community as a string teacher for many years.