The FVSO welcomes all new musicians to be members of the orchestra.  Regular attendance is required at weekly rehearsals and at our yearly performances.  The FVSO plays a variety of orchestral literature, some of which can be challenging.  However, all interested musicians are encouraged to contact the Music Director, Jonathan Edward Colby, with any questions.

Members wishing to join are asked to attend a rehearsal where they sit beside one of our FVSO musicians, meet with the conductor and sometimes asked to play solo excerpts to demonstrate the knowledge of their instrument.

Regular & Permanent Positions

We have frequent openings for:

All String Sections
Oboe/English Horn
Keyboard (Piano & Celeste)

Auxiliary & Substitute Positions:


Email Jonathan Edward Colby, Music Director, to inquire about an audition or openings.

Rehearsals are on Wednesday evenings, 7pm to 9:30pm at Porter Memorial Hall, 75 Main Street, Farmington, CT.   Due to COVID-19 restrictions, rehearsals are limited.  Please email Jonathan if you are interested.